I am a 5th generation farmer. The land we farm today has been in the Pilson name for 3 generations. Lee A. Pilson, my grandpa, fathered six children with my grandma. Grandpa grew tobacco at first and added on sweet potatoes later. Many of the old stick barns they used to use to cure tobacco are still on the property today! Of the six children my grandparents had; one decided to follow in his father’s foot steps, Chester Vince Pilson, my father. Chester is a fourth generation farmer. He molded the farm into a true business. Dad’s name is well known in the farming community, especially for his quality. One of my favorite quotes of his “If you have the best it sells itself” still is a resounding part of my operation today. Like the three generation’s before him he has depended on the farm to provide for his family as well. I have chosen the career path of my father. My father has laid the perfect foundation for me to continue the family heritage. My father made his name from Sweet Potatoes and tobacco, I am taking over the farming operation and no longer grow tobacco. We have transitioned to solely a fruit and vegetable operation. I am following in my fathers footsteps and hope to keep the family tradition just as he has done.  

— Cliff Pilson, Fifth Generation Farmer